EHSConsult Emergency Procedures Flip Charts


Natural disasters and emergency situations seem to be occurring with great frequency in the world today. Every time you turn on the news, there is another emergency scenario transpiring, with many happening in the United States. EHSConsult Emergency Procedures Flip Charts help students, employees and residents be safe when confronted with a disaster or emergency situation.

  • The charts are the most effective way to get information to those in need in a timely manner.
  • Used by universities, high schools, grade schools and businesses.
  • Numerous emergency scenario instructions (e.g. earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, lock-down procedures, etc.) based on information provided by FEMA, the Red Cross, local Offices of Emergency Services and Police Departments.
  • Endorsed by emergency management professionals as well as by clients.
  • Backed up by over 25 years experience of work in the field of Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Easily accessible, concise instructions give employees, students, and school administrators the information they need to know to stay safe in various emergency situations.

Flipcharts are produced in two configurations, Standard and Deluxe. Standard flipcharts can be customized to your needs; Deluxe flipcharts are made to accommodate 6, 12 or 16 pages.

The Standard flipchart pages are made  of heavy paper stock that can be printed on both sides, if necessary. Protective transparent plastic sheets are placed on the front and back of the flipchart. The backmost plastic sheet can be substituted with a pocketed sleeve to hold maps or a few other documents. The pages are bound at the top with a coiled wire.

The Deluxe flipchart has a firm poly backing with a die-cut hole near the top. The pages are printed on heavy paper stock. Each page is inserted into transparent vinyl sleeves; the pages can later be replaced with new pages containing updated content. All pages are bound at the top with a coiled wire. The paper can be printed on both sides, if necessary.


Following are samples of both types of flipcharts. Click on a link (below) to open the PDF file in a new browser window. Adjust the zoom tool until you can view the flipchart in the browser window, then scroll down through the pages. You can also use the PDF bookmarks, or click directly on the colored tabs of the flipchart, to navigate through the document. (The content of the flipcharts is the EHSConsult brochure.)

Click here to view an interactive 16-page PDF sample file of a deluxe flipchart.
Click here to view an interactive 12-page PDF sample file of a standard flipchart.

Below are sample pages from flipcharts made for some EHSConsult clients.



Download one of the templates (below). Input your content as instructed, then email the completed document to EHSConsult will then stylize and format your content into the flipchart pages (Adobe InDesign is used to create the final file for printing).

Download a Microsoft Word template for the 16-page flipchart.
Download a Microsoft Word template for the 12-page flipchart.


EHSConsult has partnered with DFI Graphics to offer custom illustrations, including vector (line) art and full color renderings. DFI specializes in medical and technical illustrations. Pricing varies, depending on the complexity of the illustration. Samples of DFI’s illustrations. Please inquire at

Ask about our customized services for your school, business, or home.

EHSConsult will work with you to develop the best emergency procedures flip charts for your needs.

A great example of how John at EHSConsult is in pace with my new boss’s expectations. With our new emergency flip charts from EHSConsult I feel confident that our workforce here at CTG understands what to do in an emergency situation.
Brett Hittner, Director of Facilities and EHS, Channel Technologies Group

We were able to review several different flip charts and developed one that was just what we needed for the school.  The process was easy and quick and resulted in a very professional flip chart.
Greg Rogers, Wink-Loving Independent School District, Wink, Texas

The flip charts are important and have been well received by the Dunn community. We have posted in all of our classrooms – important information all in one place – in an emergency things may be a bit chaotic – this information will reduce anxiety and confusion and help all manage in a safe and effective manner.
Tom Holmes, Director of Alumni Affairs at Dunn School, Los Olivos, CA.

The emergency flip charts are a wonderful resource for our teachers and staff.  The logistical information and emergency procedures can be found easily and we feel that we are better prepared in the case of an emergency.
Megan Gregor, Asst-Principal Foothill High School,  Bakersfield, CA.

More Information: contact John at EHSConsult.

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